Maze Runner: I Made a Game!

Besides the unoriginal title of this game, I think this little creation of mine is quite decent. There is a problem with the timer compounding every time the game is restarted without the countdown first reaching zero (and a problem which I was too lazy to fix) but otherwise, this simple program is able to […]

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A Mysterious Killer: The Prion

Trigger Warning: There are pictures in this article that may be upsetting to some. Viewer discretion is advised. ‘Ello! This is the start of a new series that deal with mysterious diseases and unusual pathogens. The first of this showcase is the prion, a silent, mysterious and nigh-invulnerable killer with a 100% mortality rate. Let’s start […]

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To Be or Not to Be… Is It?

Sadly for Hamlet, the answer isn’t so simple. The question is what does it even mean to be? Now, this isn’t supposed to be a philosophical post–in fact, it’s a scientific one. Heck, why can’t it be both at the same time? Let’s start off with the famous tree-in-the-forest. If a tree falls in the forest and […]

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Weekly Inventions: Atmo

Using fewer plastics and iron than a traditional computer, the creators of Atmo computers hope to cut back on ecologic strain caused by mining and processing raw materials. The compact design of each of their devices means that their computers take up less space than your average computer. Plus, it comes with a plant that flourishes on […]

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