APUSH Unit VI Key Terms

1. Thomas Edison 2. Populism/People’s Party; failure of 3. William Jennings Bryan 4. “Cross of Gold” speech 5. “Big Business” 6. Immigration/”New Immigrants” 7. Nativism 8. Domesticity 9. sewing machine 10. mechanization 11. urbanization; water and sewage in urban areas; tenements; internal migration 12. The Knights of Labor 13. The Molly Maguires 14. The American […]

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APUSH Unit VII Essay Prep: Early 1900s up to WWI (1890-19

Once again, a couple of questions have been left out because of incomplete information. (1) How successful were progressive reforms during the period 1890-1915 with respect to TWO of the following? Industrial Conditions   Urban life   Politics Synthesis: Reforms after 2nd Great Awakening: women & temperance (these two are similar to Progressive reforms that resulted in the […]

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[Art Prints] Zazzle Store

Hello all! Just thought to make a quick update on my art prints. I opened a Zazzle account, which should be easier to use than the DA store. Here is the link to my store or you can click the link below. If you want to buy something during the month of May, use the Promo […]

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Art Piece: Silenced

This is my favorite piece to date so I made it my profile picture. This is one of the last pieces left in my gallery that I haven’t showcased yet so I really need some new ideas. I currently have a piece under construction but it’s not going to be finished anytime soon if you guys […]

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Defend Net Neutrality!

This is a bit old but just in case if you haven’t heard of it yet, net neutrality might be threatened in the near future. For the full story, here’s a video: Go to gofccyourself.com to defend against this encroachment upon our rights as consumers. Type in this phrase in the comment section after you […]

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