[Update] Art Prints!

So, you guys know I draw. And you guys also know that my drawings are copyrighted and may not be used anywhere without my explicit permission. There are mean people on the Internet that I’ve seen do some nasty things to other’s people’s art and I don’t want that to happen to mine. So if […]

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US History EOC Key Terms

U.S. History EOC Final Exam Review (Georgia Standards) Key Terms and Concepts   Colonial Period: 1607-1750 1. Virginia Company 2. Tobacco 3. Powhatan 4. House of Burgesses 5. Bacon’s Rebellion 6. Slavery v. indentured servants 7. King Phillip’s War 8. town meetings 9. Rhode Island/Roger Williams 10. Half-way Covenant 11. Salem Witch Trials 12. royal […]

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APUSH: Unit V Key Terms

1. Northern views of slavery 2. popular sovereignty 3. Scott v. Sanford (1857) 4. Antebellum North v. South: population, economy, society, class conflict, etc. 5. Civil War North v South/“balance of forces” 6. Webster-Haynie Debate 7. Free African American population: north v south, occupations, status, etc. 8. The American Anti-Slavery Society/factions 9. the cotton gin […]

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[Update] Final Exams

For the next month or so, I need to be focused on school so articles on this site will drop significantly in volume. I’ll still post on Wednesdays and Sundays whenever I can, but in between, you might not see anything from me at all. I have several AP exams to study for as well […]

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